The ESS-13 Treated and Compacted application has been used successfully since 1971 and is perfect for new construction or renovation projects. Similar to a clay liner, the product is incorporated into the soil using standard earth moving equipment and compacted in six-inch lifts. The end result is a layer of soil that has the product mixed throughout and is densely compacted. The typical thickness is 12”, but this may vary depending on the project specifications.

The ESS-13 Spray-On application can, in most cases, meet typical wastewater standards. With this method, the ESS-13 Spray-On formulation is sprayed evenly over a properly prepared subgrade.

The installation of the ESS-13 does not require specialty equipment, so it can be done by a local excavation contractor. This results in significant savings over other lining methods. One of our field representatives will be on site during the installation process to ensure the successful completion of each project.


A Waterborne application of ESS-13 is highly effective in minimizing the amount of water loss due to seepage in ponds or lakes. Even lakes that were previously lined with PVC, native clay or bentonite can be successfully treated with this method.

A Waterborne application of ESS-13 usually requires one gallon of ESS-13 to every 2,000 gallons of water, although this rate may vary. The product is either poured or pumped into the water at various locations. Over the next few hours, the product will disperse throughout the entire body of water, covering every square inch of soil surface.

The majority of the sealing action takes place in the first 72 hours. Typical results vary from a 60% to 90% reduction in the amount of water loss due to seepage, and this initial reduction will continue to improve with time.

Test data shows that ESS-13 is non-toxic to aquatic life and any effect would be only at concentrations significantly higher than our standard treatment. An aquatic toxicity report is available upon request.

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